About Us

Our History:

La Bodega Meat & Produce is proudly owned and operated by the Nafal Family.
Our story started in the year of 1988 with a small convenience store in the state of Florida. As our business began growing, we decided to relocate to Houston, TX in 1998; more grocery stores were opened throughout the course of the years, all of them with a meat department featuring the freshest cuts of meat from the main meat packers in the US. With our customer’s interest at heart, and in order  to provide the best service we could, in the year 2004 the idea of a warehouse that would supply our increasing demand of meat and produce, was conceived, thus La Bodega Meat & Produce was born.
We started our warehouse at the back of one our grocery stores with no more than four employees working out of refrigerated trailers. Two years later La Bodega Meat moved to a 30,000 square feet facility in Garland, TX, next to Dallas. In of June of 2007, our warehouse moved to 120,000 square feet facility, with eighty working employees, and a complete fleet of trucks that handles the distribution of fresh produce and meat to several supermarkets, distribution centers and grocery stores throughout Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Kansas, and Texas

Our Commitment:

The Nafals and our extended and hard working family at La Bodega Meat & Produce strive to provide the most wholesome and fresh product- meat, produce and even plastic and bakery supplies- available in the United States and abroad, and deliver it  to our customers in a fast and dependable service to guarantee their satisfaction.